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BasilZero said:
OTBWY said:
Here are my predictions:

Tyrion betrays Daenerys , he dies
Theon saves Yara, kills euron, however he becomes the ruler of the iron islands
Cersei betrays everyone and turns back, jamie joins jon. I also think he will kill her
The hound fights the mountain and they both die. I think Arya will be involved
Arya will marry Gendry
Jamie will save Brienne, but maybe she will die
Daenerys dies with drogon fighting the night king and viserion, and jon/rhaegal defeats the night king
Jon sits on the throne with davos as the right hand

This looks believable, but I think there's gonna be a bigger twist to Tyrion.

What do you have in mind? I think he's jealous but I don't know how he's gonna go about it.