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I'm not that excited, honestly, but I'm not exactly annoyed either. I'm sort of hesitant, but not too strongly. If it's good, it's good and I'll play it. If it's bad, I won't.

Honestly, this trailer wasn't very good though. It looked more like a movie trailer than, you know, a game trailer. It also has a protagonist that sounds really whiny and seems so far very generic. I'm not sure why every Star Wars game protagonist has to be an analog for Anakin or Luke, but he looks like he'll follow a very similar arc with the only real catch being that this is during the downfall of the Jedi (which was already done with The Force Unleashed!).

I'm also worried going by the cutscenes that this will be a lot like a standard 3rd person action adventure, meaning climbing segments, forced stealth segments, badly considered RPG mechanics, and combat that's probably pretty basic and uninteresting.

We shall see though! At least this is set in an interesting time period.

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