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This debate always comes around whenever a From Software game is released, and I always have the same answer.
It should have an easy mode only if the developers believe it should.

If they are tailoring the experience to be a certain way and they believe an easy mode doesn't fit their vision (which I suspect it doesn't), then people should get over it and move onto one of the dozens of other gaming experiences being released this year...not to mention that huge back catalog many gamers put off. There's plenty to play, but as consumers we shouldn't feel entitled to have every game catered to us.

Yes, it is a product we're buying so we should have some expectations on content and quality. But video games are also an art form. We wouldn't expect James Cameron to let Jack survive even if there was plenty of space on that slab of wood, and we wouldn't tell Shakespeare to rewrite Romeo & Juliet so that their plan goes off without a hitch and they end up living a long life of love (spoiler alert, they don't).

Point is, From Software poured hours and hours of hard work into manufacturing a feel and a style that is all their own. They may not reach audiences like other blockbusters, but they have found success with their style of development and a following that is now in the millions of gamers that enjoy the pain. Who are we to take the reigns from them on how that experience should be when it's not our art?

Just vote with your wallet if you think the game is too hard to get through. Or watch it on Twitch or YouTube.