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BasilZero said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
I always thought Octopath Traveler was expensive for $60. After all it's just a 2D alphamap game. I only bought it, in the hopes that SE would create more exclusive throwback RPGs for Switch. I feel betrayed. Either launch the damned game day and date on Steam, or don't bother lying to us telling us that it's "exclusive". Had they done what Valkyria Chronicles 4 did, I'd be fine. I love Sega for releasing that game on everything. It's up front, and honest. Meanwhile Square says exclusive when they don't really mean it, and neglects to print enough physical copies to satisfy the market.

Please just make Octopath Traveler 2, and release it day and date for everything at $50. That's all I ask.


They havent revealed price point on the PC version or are you just talking about the original version being released for $60?

Either ways, nowadays its best to wait for a game to go on sale - cause it'll go down in price sooner than later compared to the past.

I'm talking about the original version being $60, when it should have launched at $40. Waiting for Octopath to go on sale on Switch would have been a bad idea for several reasons. Square didn't print enough physical copies, so the game would have become hard to find after a while. Switch has limited storage, so physical was a must buy. Nintendo games tend not to ever go on sale, even if they aren't published by Nintendo. 

But yeah, if I feel like a game is overpriced I wait for it to go on sale usually. I should have done that with Octopath. I'm really just angry that Square wasn't up front about it coming to Steam, because had I known that, I would have waited until early 2020 and got it for $30 on Steam.