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Oh boy, Shit becoming real

          Some wealthy person  want to held a real life battle royal. The person planned to have a battle royal that consist of 100 person with airsoft gun and ammo with touch sensitive body armor for 3 days and night in some Island (presumably a private island), In  competing for £100.000. The person also planned to have accommodation, camping gear and food (just like in the movies LOL )  

                 The rich person is mentioned as an anonymous millionaire and at present are seeking help from the rich community at which is an amazon for millioner forum . The person are recruiting  and still looking for game developer who want to joint with this project. It also mentioned that for 6 week work working at the site the developer will be paid around £45,000. 

Battle Royal has become a culture phenomena in today's modern day, form Movie, Novel, and gaming especially with PUBG, Fortnite and the newest games Apex Legend. Many people especially gamer have a knack for this type genre and also it brought a lot competition among gamer who loves to competing. 

It's very funny i thought this thing will just be a sciences fiction story from comic, manga ( or Movies like Hunger games , Condemned , Free runner, etc. But because it becoming more popular among casual gamer and mobile phones gamer with mobile PUBG/ Fortnite, it inspire people who have money to start real event. 

I bet this will be a real thing and big thing in near future and more and more company will held the same event. But with this a couple of question comes to me, some of those are; will there be some ilegal battle Royal event happening that allowed in killing people or kidnapping by mafia, will this be a creative way to start a tourism event in some country especially developing country that want to promote their country and will you want to participate in this event?

Either way i am interested for this and  i (hope) i can live longer life for that time to come and witnessing all of this becoming real.