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Ganoncrotch said:
spemanig said:

the title doesn't seem to be really reflected in the comment, where's the actual part where he mentions sales in the title?

I would imagine when he talks about hurting a console the idea is that it's being hurt as a product which would make it sell less, I do not imagine the OP thinks the console is a feeling piece of hardware that actually suffers pain! I could be wrong of course, perhaps he thinks it has an advanced AI which can read comments on the internet and feel physical pain from them.... I know after being on this site a while I certainly do.

You don't have to imagine. It's pretty clear by the OP that he values physical releases, and thinks that games not being released physically is hurting the console. He's talking about the qualitative value of the console. Much the same way the Wii sold 100m+ copies, but people universally agree that its focus on motion controls hurt that console, it's clear that a similar kind of point is being made here. Whether you agree with that sentiment, that is in fact the sentiment being made.

The only bit that talks about something akin to sales is the last paragraph saying that devs are likely skipping the Switch because cart size is an issue, which I don't see why anyone would disagree with. I haven't been paying attention much lately, but I'd be surprised to learn that the Switch has amassed a plethora of 60GB+ games over the past year, and at that point you don't need to think too hard to figure out why. Even still, I don't think the point is being made that this reality is hurting the sales of the console, but the OPs perspective on the collective qualitative opinion of it. "It's missing out on a lot of good games because of carts, not because of its lack of power, and that's hurting the quality of the console," seems to be the sentiment being expressed.