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As someone who is not a Democrat or a Trump supporter, I can say this. If Tulsi doesn't get the nomination, the Democrats will lose in 2020. When you look at the field of Democrats who are currently running, this is what we're seeing. We're seeing candidates who are using identity politics as a platform which is very unpopular amongst most voters. We're seeing candidates who advocate for open borders which is very unpopular amongst most voters. We're seeing candidates who continue to push the Trump/Russia collusion narrative, which most of the country is getting sick of at this point. Tulsi is not doing any of these things. There is something else that makes her stand out amongst other Democrats. There's dissolution with Trump amongst libertarians. While libertarians generally disagreed with Trump on most issues, most of the libertarian support he did get in 2016 came from people who voted for him on foreign policy alone. He promised to end the wars. While he is making good on his promise in Korea (for the most part), he seems to be backtracking on his promises in the Middle East. Since Tulsi is an anti-war advocate, she can win that libertarian support that Trump got in 2016 even if libertarians disagree with her on most of everything else. No other Democrat can do that. You either have Democrats who will continue the status quo with foreign policy or are not talking about it. Since none of them advocate for smaller government or less spending, no libertarian would ever vote for any of them. They'll with vote for the LP candidate or just stay home.

The only way Trump could lose in 2020 to anybody other than Tulsi is if a major war breaks out or if the economy crashes. Other than that, he's going to win if she's not nominated.

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