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RolStoppable said:
dharh said:

Doesn't help that:

The Wikipedia article fails to mention the most crucial difference between carts and cards: Lower production costs despite much bigger capacities.

Except that's not really the differentiating factor.  There really is none when it comes to consoles/handhelds.  Some people maybe equating these things like carts of old, but they are still:

g : a case for holding printed circuit chips containing a computer program (console game)

ROM/Flash has come a long long way and certain the costs of old are no where near where they used to be.  The higher prices in many cases is all to due with Nintendo premium and little to do with any negligent if any higher cost of the physical medium.  Where it is necessary for higher capacity cards/carts compression can mitigate that.  Though again I figure if that is a problem for people they can just look at the other consoles to get the higher fidelity.

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