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Conina said:

I agree, Unreal Tournament 1999 was awesome:

Heavy Metal FAKK 2 (based on Quake 3 engine) wasn't bad either:

And yes, these 1600x1200 were possible in 30 fps with 1999 PC hardware, even without SLI... also 60 fps in 1024x768 or 1280x720:

Should also mention the Rage Fury Maxx was a Dual-GPU card.


Outcast on PC (1999) had Ray Casting (A form of Ray Tracing), Reflections, Open-world. Was a very ground breaking game at the time on the visuals front.


Homeworld 1 (1999) on PC gets a notable mention too... Considering it was released when 3D was just gaining traction in the RTS space, it's held up stupidly well even today... I would even argue that no console at the time can match it visually.

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