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vivster said:
Dark_Lord_2008 said:

A Vegan diet is far better for health than the typical high fat, high salt, high sugar, highly processed American diet. Western people that embrace American diet have higher rates of heart disease, diabetes and preventable cancers from eating high processed American diets.
Asian, South American and Africans that stick to their traditional plant based diets have lower rates of heart disease, lower rates of diabetes and lower rates of cancer.

A diet that is plant based: fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts is going to be better for health than eating the high processed American diet. American and Western people have been brainwashed by clever marketing and advertising that claims that American diet is good for health and we only need to do more exercise.

Go Vegan! I fully support the actions of the Vegan protestors and I praise their work spreading the good news of being a Vegan and standing up Animal Rights. Vegans around the world must take action and fight for Animal rights!

Any scientific proof that a vegan diet is healthier than a balanced diet with meat? I don't think so. I think it's not fair to conflate non vegan diets with bad diets. It's perfectly fine to have a healthy diet that includes meat, eggs and dairy. It's all about balance.

Also, what about plant rights? It seems vegans hate plants with a passion.

Well it depends which vegan you ask, some people are vegan because they don't want animals to suffer, they definitely hate plants more than animals. Other people are vegan because they think eating meat is a huge wast of resources which is true, to get 1 kg of meat, you need 100 times more farmland than for 1 kg of vegetables.