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Immersiveunreality said:
DonFerrari said:

I have helped kill a bull when I was 6. Saw it being unpeeled and separating all the meat. Still eating meat regularly.

I would like to go hunting not because i like killing but to feel the weight/guilt of taking that life on my own shoulders instead of always letting others do it.

That is good.

But the big problem on the argumentation that "if people had to kill what they are going to eat they wouldn't eat meat" or variations of that is that they ignore that for thousands of years that was exactly what human have been doing. They just eat less meat because it was more complicated to find the food and to keep it good for consumption (so certainly would have a lot of sharing when finding a hog or killing a cow).

Still today many people in many countries still kill what they eat (considering how big china and India is and how many undeveloped area are in the world it's possible that even today more than 50% of the world population have had to kill some animal to eat or do it routinely).

And in truth only people with good income and no worries about being famine reserve any time to think about "poor animals dying to feed us".

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