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Dark_Lord_2008 said:

What are your thoughts on Animal Liberation? Do you support the Vegans protesting for the liberty and freedom of animals?

We have evolved by being able to eat just about anything, and its probably helped us survive.
Our bodies are ment to eat meat occasionally..... I dont believe being pure vegan is healthy, just like those almost pure meat diets, arnt healthy either.

our teeth:
"we have biting/tearing/ripping incisors and canines (like carnivores) and chewing molars (like herbivores).
Animals with such diverse teeth tend to be omnivores."

Also some complex proteins and fats (that the body needs) just arnt found in a vegan diet.
We do consume more meat than we probably should (as a whole), instead of fighting to turn people vegan, getting people to eat less animals might be a easier way to go about saveing animal lives. Convinceing people to go against human nature, and do something not beneficial to themselves... is gonna be hard to get through.