curl-6 said:

What game released before the turn of the millennium do you think looks the best?

(No 21st century enhancements such as HD remasters or post-1999 mods allowed)

PC or Console. PC at the time, highest possible consumer grade... Not that most of us could afford it though.

Also, on the console, I think it depends on whether you ware looking at 2D sprite or 3D. 

2D wise, with the games I played FF6 (I know I am hugely biased) or Secret of Mana.  Probably doesn't count.

3D.  I think I agree with Coktoe.  I loved Soul Calibur on my Dreamcast.  Cool thing about the Dreamcast is you can buy a relatively cheap cable to output to HDMI.  Get something like an OSSC and you can really upscale the Dreamcast with surprising clarity.

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