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"Animal rights activists have launched protests across the country, with protesters slowly being arrested and dragged into police vans after blocking a major Melbourne CBD intersection.....

More than 100 activists are chanting: "What do we want? Animal liberation - now!" with some sitting on tram tracks near the Flinders-Swanston St intersection.

Protesters are holding signs that say: "This is a peaceful protest" and "SOS animal emergency climate emergency".....

Event organiser Christine Lee said protesters were on site to bring attention to the film Dominion - a film hoping to expose "the dark side of animal agriculture".

“The film shows the truth about what is happening to animals in this country and around the world, but it was all Australian footage,” she told Today.

“We want to show we're regular people who have had enough, we are killing the planet and killing animals at rates that are just unacceptable.

“And drastic times call for drastic measures so that is why we're here today. We have nine teams around Australia that are going to places of violence to draw attention to them directly.”

What are your thoughts on Animal Liberation? Do you support the Vegans protesting for the liberty and freedom of animals?

Last edited by Dark_Lord_2008 - on 07 April 2019