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What country are you in? If you have Taco Bell nearby, it sounds like American... Do you have an Aldi's nearby? I'd go there and challenge-shop. Go to or another food website (Pinterest is another one), and learn to make copycat meals. Create a spice pantry. You could easily make knock-off Taco Bell meals for half the price, and way healthier. You could make Chipotle-style food for Taco Bell-level prices. Its easy, tasty, way better for you, and cheaper.

If you're not confident with cooking skills (which really are as easy as following directions to a T), just buy some cheap Ramen noodles and add things that sound good. Egg is great, so is chilli sauce. I usually do peppers+onion+egg+soy sauce, and that's an incredible 65-cent meal.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.