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Keep in mind I am 5 feet 95 pounds. I have tried to gain weight before to no avail. At this point I just want to eat healthy and maintain. I have never had cholesterol issues. Worst i've had is sodium (salt), magnesium, and potassium deficiencies from time to time.

I eat 2 meals, lunch and dinner, and 2 supplementals, yogurt or fruit for breakfast and some extra whatever fancies me (but small) two hours before I go to bed.

I eat chicken as my primary meat, supplemented with beef, tuna, salmon, and sometimes shrimp in a salad, in some form or another once or twice a weak. I hardly ever have a salad as the primary part of the meal.

Very small glass of yogurt.
Small bowl of canned tropical fruit.

Meals are (but not limited to):
Meatloaf w/ steamed green squash and some side (mashed potatoes and light gravy, packaged scalloped potatoes, etc).
Eggs over easy w/ toast (very light small meal if i'm especially not hungry).
Biscuits and gravy (sausage, pees and chicken).
Salmon w/ garlic on top w/ a side.
Tuna noodle casserole.
No frills chicken sandwich Mayo, chicken, bread w/ maybe some extra salt depending on the chicken.
Tuna sandwich.
There are some TV dinners in the mix, once or twice a week max. Usually something simple like chicken pot pie or some other very simple single item meal like chicken alfredo. Did I mention chicken is my main meat source?
I do try to have a healthy amount of veggies interspersed, nothing drastic. Whether that means I have a very small salad with some cucumbers as a side, or steamed squash as a side, or a salad as the entire meal w/ either chicken, salmon, or shrimp as the filler.
Chicken over rice w/ either gravy or teriyaki.
Some form of soup (split pea, tomato, chicken noodle).

Midnight snacks include (but not limited to):
Combo celery, carrots, cucumbers w/ ranch.
Cup o' noodles.
Random leftovers.
California rolls (pre-bought that day) because I felt like it.

3000mg salt max per day. 2500 is a goodish target to budget for. Does depend on your body, like mine which for whatever reason still end up with a salt deficiency sometimes using that range.

I really don't do junk food anymore nor sweets (unless you count the rare iced coffee).

Also keep in mind I do not stock up more than two weeks of food at a time, and usually is 1 week or less at a time.

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