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dx11332sega said:
COKTOE said:

No nuts ,no almonds , no fruits, no vegetables, Mcdonalds, or pork......hmmmmm. As far as the health war between Taco Bell and Little Caesar's?.......I guess it depends somewhat on what kinds of pizza and how many slices. Looking at the nutritional value of the gordita, it doesn't seem particularly healthy, and it doesn't even say how large it is, so I can't get any idea of how filling it may be. I take it you simply don't like nuts, which is too bad since they're all healthy in different ways. I don't have any recommendations at the moment aside from chicken or fish as far as meat you may like. Simply frying either in olive oil, with salt and pepper ( maybe breaded with some bread crumbs, the store bought, pre-fab kind ) can be great. And if anybody tells you fish isn't a meat, wrestle them.

- Oh, like Cobretti2 mentioned. No skin on the chicken.

Alright, I'll settle for the chicken (no skin). Is it good to eat chicken everyday ? Just wondering ?

I pretty much do, now I struggle to eat red meat (my body doesn't tolerate it as it used to)>