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Dgc1808 said:


Was cheaper at bestbuy though.

I'm in a 1Bedroom apartment now and the router is dead center so my coverage is awesome throughout.

Thanks for the link.  I'm still tied to renting a cable model from my ISP.  Maybe I feel more "secure" that away, but so far I haven't any issues with it. 

FYI for everyone else,

First router: Linksys E1000 = Older technology, single band. Very reliable, no disconnects.  I've had this for like 12 years.  I did have to buy an extender for my current house.

Second router: TP-Link AC1200 = Dual Band Router.  Everything connected, but I got constant disconnects.  I've had this for less than three months.  This purchase was a mistake.  When I finally decided to return it, it was outside Amazon's window of return.

Current router: Netgear AC1750 R6400 = See original post.  This appears to be a mistake as well.  I need to look into Best Buy's return policy on opened items.

This track record sucks.  And it's getting expensive.