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I have a NetGear AC1900 model EX7000 wifi range extender, set up to connect with my rogers cable modem through 5G, then use the normal band to connect to the extender. I didn't change any of the default settings. The ps4 pro logs on fine, however after a week of use things start slowing down and the extender starts refusing connections from other devices. Rebooting both the rogers cable modem and the extender gets me full speed again.

It works, it's not great. My ps4 pro has reported wifi speeds as low as 30 kbps, then back to 40 mbps after rebooting the modem and router. No consistency.

(It's probably too many devices, 4 laptops, ps4, ps4 pro, Switch, Wii-U, 2 printers, TV, iPhone, iPad)

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 04 April 2019