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I'm shopping for a new router, and I need advise... BADLY!  Before I start ranting, let me give you some perimeters:

1) Primary console: PS4 Pro

2) Other primary use: 4K TV

3) Both items internet connection: Wireless

4) PS4 Pro & 4K TV located in room adjacent to room with router but going through two walls (closet).

5) House square footage: 2,700 but the router is on the most west end on the house (NOT central).

6) Budget: $150ish USD

I just bought a Netgear AC1750 R6400.  Cell phones, smart TVs, Blu-ray player, laptop, and all other consoles connect just fine (PC is hardwired).  But the PS4 Pro would not log on.  Internet connection failed every time I tried to set it up.  I spent two F*#^!@($ hours on the phone with tech support from Indian, and we still didn't get the problem resolved.  And he wants to call me back tonight.  Screw that because I don't have the time for this garbage much less trying to decipher his Indian accent (nothing against Indians mind you.).  There are other collateral issues that relate to my frustration, but that's not going to help solve any issues right now.

So unless you KNOW how to resolve the issues with my current router, recommend me another that works with the PS4 Pro with minimal hassle.  Or let me know what you're using works.