Hiku said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Except the article mentioned about the extra scene that was censored only on ps4 in the West since that extra scene wasn't censored on Xbox 1/PC, heh. At least now they fix it for ps4 in worldwi... oh wait, US only, facepalm again

It does not refer to it as an extra scene, because it only talks about one nudity scene. It says nothing about any other nudity scene censored on Xbox or PC. Leading people to believe that censorship only happened on PS4.
It also falsely proclaims that "the update hasn’t changed the PC or Xbox One version of the game."
But it did change and censor another nudity scene on the Xbox and PC versions.

It also falsely states that it will update the story as it is developing.
But they never updated the story.

And you knew these things after me and others have pointed it out to you multiple times, yet you keep posting these links without ever explaining these things (except for when I drag the answer out of you), leading to people such as AbbathTheGrim to think that this censorship in general only occurred on PS4.

I told you it's probably best to wait a while and see if there will be a patch like this, because it seems pretty unlikely that Sony asked Capcom to censor one extra posterior, while Capcom were coincidentally already planning to censor another one on Xbox and PC.
Miscommunication between Capcpm's different divisions is a possibility. Especially considering this patch.

And what happened? There was a patch that addressed it. But instead of questioning if you may have been wrong to jump to conclusions, you're instead doubling down on it because it wasn't applied to Europe, yet.
Europe have different laws that can affect the time it takes certain content to get approved. I remember Katsuhiro Harada complained about a delayed patch for Tekken before, due to regional differences.
Like I said before, I'd advise to give it some time to see if it gets resolved in Europe before jumping the gun, again. But you don't seem to have any interest in that.

Like I said, unapologetic, with no interest in learning from your mistakes.

Anyway, you can believe what you want. But consider this a warning about continually posting misleading/false information from now on when you know better.
The first time you do it, it can be an honest mistake. But after people point it out to you, if you keep doing it anyway, it appears deliberate.

I have a better idea: Maybe Sony should never involve with any censorship since the beginning on ps4 so they won't get doubt by anyone about anything that related to censor? But clearly that is asking Sony too much, asking Nintendo/MS about this thing seems much more easier