Faelco said:
And Persona 5 has just "Persona 5" as name, it makes little sense.

It should be Persona 5 Royal, or Persona 5 Something (since it's Persona 5 S). They most likely won't call it "Persona 5 Switch" (they like special names too much), at worst it would be "Persona 5 Royal Switch edition".

I'm still betting more on Persona 5 Sumo, new multiplatform fighting game.

This is just Best Buy trying to use the hype of the P5S reveal coming soon, they have no additional information (default release date, by Nintendo instead of Sega or Atlus?).

Wouldnt Atlus want to use the "Joker Coming to Smash" Hype train as a way to sell a Port of Persona 5 on the Switch? That is extra $$$$ for an already well sold game. 

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