Hiku said:
AbbathTheGrim said:

No I wasn't aware. As far as I knew only the Sony version of DMC5 was censored.

I see.

@HoangNhatAnh made threads and posted a link multiple times in several different threads that inaccurately claimed only the PS4 version censored the nudity. Even though he knows it wasn't, he kept on doing it. This is an example of why I asked him to chose an up to date article.

I'm here, since when i claimed only the PS4 version censored the nudity? Don't spread out wrong information. I said all were censored but Xbox/PC is like 30%, PS4 is like 40%, the part that was censored on ps4, Xbox/PC didn't get. Also, only US, wow, amazing job, well done, Sony, never cease to amaze