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The Wonderful 101 and Xenoblade Chronicles X are the only real choices. Oh, and a Zelda collection that includes the Wii U remasters.

The Wonderful 101 might not get a sequel and even if it does Platinum has a lot on their plate. It's also one of the only games that legitimately would probably need more sales in order for a sequel to be greenlit.

Xenoblade Chronicles X belongs to a series that's story and campaign oriented, with a lot of mechanics and plots being different from game to game. This is why it makes a lot of sense for titles like these to be ported. This is sort of different from a lot of other games that have got ported, where their ideas and gameplay would perfectly be carried over to a potential sequel, hence there not being much of a reason to port as the games would be similar. But each Xenoblade title is themed around a very specific central concept so it makes sense for this series.

By the way, Nintendo owns The Wonderful 101, not Platinum.