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Immersiveunreality said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
I kind of wonder if people in this thread have just never played a game with very bad frame pacing. Just because someone mentions that a game has frame pacing issues doesn't mean they are so severe as to be noticeable. There are very severe cases of it I have played though: Bloodborne and Nier Automata (but I think Nier also runs worse on PRO)

Bolded: Yeah i remember i noticed it like it was in my eyesight but it felt like something was vaguely off and i never thought of it being annoying afterwards.

Its interesting,everyone sees it but we process it very differently,that being said im still playing games like baldurs gate and others from those times so that might make me a but more resistant to bad frame pacing?

Well with Bloodborne it's a bit worse because along with bad frame pacing, the game regularly dips to the low - mid 20's FPS. 

That being said I'm not entirely sure why playing an old game like baldurs gate would make you less aware of it across the board, especially because it's a slower paced title. 

If I had to guess, the actual reason why people "don't notice it" has more to do with what games have frame pacing issues. I really really think that most people would notice frame pacing issues in their severe form. But when they are minor or barely there, of course they're going to go away thinking the issue is totally unnoticeable. I think I recall Bayonetta for example having some frame pacing issues in Digital Foundry's test, but despite the fact that action games are more negatively affected by frame pacing, the issue wasn't major enough to be noticeable and it usually happened when so much was happening on screen that most players wouldn't be aware of the slight off-ness. The frame drops were the issue in that game, moreso. 

Without the OP listing what games he's referring to, it's hard to know exactly. It could be anything from the game being so slow paced that it's almost unrecognizable, to the frame pacing not being that severe, to simply not recognizing it. 

I don't find complaining about frame rate issues or frame pacing being comparable to nitpicking graphics though, because the former legitimately affects gameplay.

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 01 April 2019