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GoOnKid said:

Yeah, I can't see it. It's absolutely insane how much this is blown out of proportion.

I don't think it's blown out of proportion. Just that it affects a small part of the gaming population.

For most people, noticing these differences takes a long time exposure to high fidelity and high performance in graphics (basically talking about the PC master race). Once they become attune to the differences and play on a console or a lower spec rig, I'm sure the differences in experience can be huge to them.

I, myself, am a console peasant and proud of it, lol. But even my eye has been trained to see differences in fidelity and performance that I never did at one time.

For instance, jaggies and resolution. Yeah, I could see them before, but it never irked me until after playing on modern machines that had antialiasing and high definition. At one time, SNES and Playstation had the best graphics my eyes could perceive from a gaming machine. Now, as much as I love those systems, the limitations are very perceivable.

It's a matter of exposure, adaptation, and perspective. DF are trained to pixel count and see this stuff on the regular, so of course it will be a big deal for them even making some games "unplayable" to them.

Luckily (and despite enjoying their videos), I don't share that perspective.