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Ka-pi96 said:

If he had been made sole director and fully replaced that imcompetent fool nomura then it would be something worth talking about. But as it is the game will still be ruined by nomura.

I personally like Nomura's work but I think the problem isnt Nomura's incompetent but moreso that Square keeps making him jump all over the place doing too many large projects at once. 

Correct me if im wrong, but I'm sure he had to juggle between KH3, FFXV and started FFVII remake at one point before dropping FFXV to Tabitha (that screwed that up and revamped almost everything).  Nomura can't seem to catch a break and just have a FF game to focus all to himself.  But maybe now that the KH is series is supposedly over (for now) maybe he can try again next time?  A man can only do so much on his own.

To this day I will forever wonder how FF Versus XIII/FFXV could've turned out if Square just let him focus on it.