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Pemalite said:
Good news. My wallet is partnering up with only Steam.

I don't think this is a big loss anyway, never really liked how Ubisoft viewed and treated the PC community... And Anno isn't exactly a massive franchise at any rate.

They never really backtracked or decided to cite themselves as being wrong for the previous talks of the "majority" of PC gamers being pirates. The past few years of talks with PC gaming and how they "love" it, yet they slap on 4 layers of DRM across multiple games, pull this and force console parity with their ports, while also asking for a higher price, either in US or EU (where the hell is my GBP support Ubi?). 

With this recent move, it's become so very obvious that they truly see and regard PC gaming ultimately as second class. They don't really care what state their games launch in over there either, going by recent patch notes for TD2.

I honestly wouldn't bat an eye, nor shed a tear if Ubisoft was bought out or crippled within a few years.

Last edited by Chazore - on 31 March 2019

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