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KBG29 said:
I still play about 3 times a week, but I only come back for the VR. Once I unlocked all the tracks for VR play, I never went back to playing on the TV. Wish they would have allowed us to make money and earn experience in VR from the start.

I also grab every car that is available for purchase on the PS Store when a new update drops. Typically, I will hop on for a half hour to an hour, and just run a few laps in a few different cars on whatever track I am feeling like visiting that day.

The best thing in this game for me, is any roadster or convertible with fine weather. In VR it feels like you are cursing around on an absolutely gorgeous day. It is a trip, especially over the winter. There were days when we had a foot of snow, with nighttime lows of 5F, and I was sitting in a Cobra in Willow Springs with beautiful Blue Skies. That is the magic of this game and VR.

I have no desire to stop. I'm sure I will be getting in to drive around until the next title hits. Hopefully, the next Gran Turismo will have full support for VR, so I can do more than 1v1 and Time Trials to mix things up a bit. However, better graphics, more tracks, and more cars would do as well. I just love driving, and GTS in VR offers the most authentic experience I have experienced. Until I can afford a garage and 100's of my all time favorite cars, this will have to do.

Have you raced in one of the formula cars? one of them is a 2019 model, with that strange thing to protect driver.

On the regular play if you use inside cockpit view it is almost impossible to see the track or who is in front, but that is because you have no paralax. Have you tried this car on VR to confirm if either it becomes translucent as it would using your two eyes IRL instead of a flat screen or if you have to keep your head inclined to see?

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