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After over 6 months without playing Gran Turismo Sport I have resume playing a little per day.

The very good competitions are being fun, and I'm getting daily bonus car until I get some of the old classics for the special race.

One thing I'm surprised and is much better than the previous GTs is the professional category, the balance on the races is superb and it's very hard to make a easy pass and keep a giant lead until the end. Only race I managed 20s of lead was FT1500 on Monza (almost got it in Interlagos, but wife and kids made I lose 10s in 2 laps with asking me for help on critical corner).

The lower class races still go for the ludicrous when you are behind you can take 5-10s per lap, but once you lead the race then even doing laps even better you won't open more than 1s per lap, sometimes you'll pass all cars in 2 laps but have the second place glued to your behind for the next 4.

Not playing the MP at the moment, but will get back to it at some moment.

And you guys? Still playing GTS?

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