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John2290 said:
RaptorChrist said:
Oh, cool! My playtime is at 66 hours; probably 55 or so legit hours, the rest afk as is the case with John. I played a bit more tonight and beat Great Shinobi Owl (that was the boss I ended up getting). I made it to the final area of the game (as denoted by an achievement I acquired for visiting all areas) and then I faced Corrupted Monk. After a few tries I had this odd behavior where the boss allowed me to deathblow him in the middle of his shadow phase, otherwise I may not have won the fight. I got another vitality upgrade putting me at 17, with 10 attack power now.

That boss was a girl? :O

How are you doing this? The owl is the Boss that took me six hours, mind I wasn't at 17 VIT and had the Demon bell on but still I...

Am now fighting him again  in a memory and I'm still dying at 19 VIT attack 11, not nearly as much as before but...

...how dude? How old are you? Are my reflexes just gone with age or do I suck balls? How many attempts did the owl take you? 

Six hours?...I´m not going to have the patience for that...no boss in any Dark Souls game and Bloodborne took me that long but I can see it easily happening here.We´re not getting any younger and this game in many situations demands lightning fast reflexes in a way that DS and BB could only dream of.