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JEMC said:
Given that the release date of Anno 1800 is April 16th, in less than 20 days, I guess the whole "we won't do that again" statement from Epic about the Metro incident was, as some expected, nothing more than words. Of course, Anno is a much smaller game, so neither Epic nor Ubi will face the backwash.

Still, I do take note of this.

I can't say I'm surprised. Epic make it sound like they had a smoking gun, and that they didn't want to have to "shoot" again, despite the fact that they have and wanted to.

That being said, I'm practically done with Ubisoft at this point. Their buggy/"demanding" ports and higher prices for what they sell at launch, along with this debacle has me really just not wanting to support them in the near or far future. They've hardly cared for PC gamers interests for years. They never even apologized for them citing the entire platform for piracy years back, so I can't say I've any empathy for them, if they were to ever hit a wall anytime soon. 

I was originally looking to see how Anno would turn out, since the last one was received poorly and rather watered down, but seeing as how this has happened, I went out and bought Tropico 6 instead. 

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