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haxxiy said:
I like her. People were being hysterical with the whole Assad thing.

But man, these debates are going to be full to the brim with candidates, and even more useless than they already are at making the undecided voters pick one.

Basically she is smeared for being thorough enough to travel to Syria herself to learn first hand what the war means for the people. people staying in the US and commenting the war from safe and afar are in no trouble for being connected to Assad.

And we will see how the format for the debates are. Seemingly if too many candidates qualify there will be two debates and the candidates will be appointed to the evenings randomly.

That would be lame AF, because either you're going to separate popular contenders that everyone would prefer to see debating (say, Biden and Bernie) or lump together the nobodies in one of the two nights and they get dismal audiences.

But, like I said, they aren't really important. Nowadays, more than ever, it seems the debates are like this rope of hope that the least popular contenders and their supporters cling to, and actually sway very few people. Unless someone says something really stupid like "slavery was good" or the like.

Last edited by haxxiy - on 28 March 2019