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EricHiggin said:
TranceformerFX said:

Yeah, it's broke as f**k. Jussie Smollet just got away with faking a hate crime - scott free. And we'll never know why because they sealed ALL the documents pertaining to the case.

If that's not Hollywood privilege, then I don't know what the hell is. He was guilty as sin with concrete imlerimp evidence such as footage, transactions, confessions... And just like that, prosecutors dropped the case.

So basically, if you're black and in Hollywood - you're impervious to taking accountability for faking a hate crime as long as it's against Trump.

What bullshit...

Guilty verdicts for key media stars tied to big mainstream political issues aren't trending as of late.

Kav apparently was supposed to be guilty and yet get's off scot-free.

Trump apparently was supposed to be guilty and yet get's off scot-free.

So it only makes sense that since Smollett apparently was supposed to be guilty, he get's off scot-free.

Hard to argue with that logic, no? Maybe the world really is flat... and upside down.

As in any kind pursuit for justice, the difference is in the quality of evidence.

Kav and Trump were assumed guilty with no solid evidence linking them to the crime. There was an investigation and a lot of the evidence (w/c were shown to the public) were inconclusive.

Smollet was guilty as sin with a paper trail and witnesses. This was open and shut but the prosecutor just decided to drop the charges. Which made this look corrupt as heck.

Big difference here.