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SuperRetroTurbo said:
If anyone would like to discuss the US' judicial system, I'm all ears.

I was having a conversation this morning about it. At the end of the day, it's corrupt but to what extent?

Yeah, it's broke as f**k. Jussie Smollet just got away with faking a hate crime - scott free. And we'll never know why because they sealed ALL the documents pertaining to the case.

If that's not Hollywood privilege, then I don't know what the hell is. He was guilty as sin with concrete imlerimp evidence such as footage, transactions, confessions... And just like that, prosecutors dropped the case.

So basically, if you're black and in Hollywood - you're impervious to taking accountability for faking a hate crime as long as it's against Trump.

What bullshit...

Last edited by TranceformerFX - on 27 March 2019