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KLXVER said:
NightlyPoe said:

Smollett turned the corruption to 11 I'd say.  Freakin' hell.  Dude could have literally started a riot.

That was just insane. I couldn't believe it.

Not only didn't they show anything to refute anything in the overwhelming amount of evidence the police had gathered, they didn't even have anything that questioned a single thing. It was just drop the charges, wipe his record clean and close the case so no one can ask us about it...

The police were aghast at the decision. Their investigation was just swept under the rug over a $10,000 donation and some community service. The police chief publicly stated that justice wasn't served and that the city is owed an apology. And for those to whom it matters, yes, the police chief is black. For this to happen on such a nationalized case too, this was truly a devastating blow to public trust in the justice system. The people involved need to be impeached and investigated for corruption.