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John2290 said:
RaptorChrist said:

Well the way I see it, you only live once (except in Sekiro, ironically), so you might as well play the games you want to play, even if it means giving money to a company you don't like.

Liking it so far? I play through these games at a snails pace. I played for about an hour and 15 minutes so far tonight and just reached the area after that opening tutorial (probably 15 minutes into the game for most folks). So far this game is absolutely in the vein of a Soulslike, but it is much more slimmed down. Personally, some of my favorite aspects of the Souls games are the progression systems and the variety of weapons and magicks, but It's too early for me to tell if this will stack up.

I can say that for me the opening area was pretty awesome, although performance-wise I'm hoping to see some things patched up. Draw distances are extremely low for foliage, and so there was a lot of pop-in with the environmental details that were really not more than a few seconds away from my character. Also, FromSoft seems to like putting this filter over the game that makes everything slightly blurred (hard to explain, but I noticed it in other Souls games as well).

TLDR; Sekiro is awesome so far. Wish I could stay up later and play more, but kids. Glad I used paid time off for tomorrow. Looking forward to this weekend. Praise the sun.

Loving it, first in line for game of the year contender and it's only competition  is Re2 remake. This looks to be a lot stronger I'd it continues on the path it is on, spent near 5 hours without last night and If I wasn't getting old I'd have went all night. On pro on a 4k HDR TV the game looks beautiful and the best if the year so far, there is mild detail pop in like you mentioned but it is only detail and very rare, mostly shadows and grass. It does get blurry in the far distance, it took me ages to spot that there was a huge mount fugi like mountain hanging back there but I thinknthisbis by design. 

Looks fantastic. Sounds fantastic. Runs fantastic. Plays absolutely fantastically. 

Now I'm seriously hyped, and the Game is available for download...I'm so close to click on purchase :D    This is the Game I was waiting for.   Ok, I just clicked, can't miss this.

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