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Wow!  I expected the regular Directs to be good (like the one in February), but I had no idea the indies would be really good too.  Games that look interesting:

Cuphead! - Hell of a way to start off a direct.  I was considering getting an XB1 for a few games like this.  Looks like I won't need to now.

My Friend Pedro - That just looks like a badass run and gun.

Katana Zero - Going to wait to see how it reviews, but looks like it has potential.

Rad - Double Fine always has some interesting concepts.  Execution varies, but I'm keeping an eye on this one.

Pine - Reminds me a lot of Breath of the Wild.  Doubt it will be as good as the real thing, but what is really?  If it's executed well enough could be worth a play.

Blaster Master Zero II - I really love the first NES game.  This looks fun.

Stranger Things II - Looks fun.  I dig both Stranger things and this style of game.

Cadence of Hyrule - Hell yes!  Game looks addictive and a Zelda theme makes it all the better.

Of course, I say all this with the idea that these games will have a physical release.  The ones that get a physical release I am very likely to buy, while if it doesn't have a physical release then it's a skip.  The only exception I see myself making is with Cuphead.  I may eventually just buy this digitally, but I will probably wait a while just to see if they make a physical version anyway.