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Random_Matt said:
V-r0cK said:
Not sure if this was discussed but you'll also need a min. of 25mbps to get 1080p at 60fps

Not sure if its a big deal to many of you here but I know many around me that don't go for high internet speeds, afterall Netflix is probably the biggest thing and that only needs 3mbps to stream HD.

I'm sure you know, but your average joe will probably assume that having 25mbps of connection will mean perfection.

LOL thats what i was thinking 25 mbps will be sustainable but not ideal, not to mention what happens when one more Stadia player/User wants to hop on and play a different game on the same connection. Also right now i can buy a 2 ps4 games for the price of 25mbps connection every month so i think globally it will be a hard sell.