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Even IF it gets developer traction and they get a bunch of companies to release their games on Stadia, what does that really do? What advantage does Stadia REALLY have other than the platform being "pro stream"?

We all know that Microsoft and Sony will NEVER jump on board with Stadia and their exclusive games as they will most definitely want their games for their next gen consoles. (PS5/X2)

So don't expect to play Halo 6 or The Last of Us 2 on Stadia - it's not gonna happen. And the worst thing for Stadia is that the PS5 and X2 will ALSO be able to play multi plat games.

So what will you "really" gain by opting to not have a digital/physical copy of a game and pay for a streaming subscription fee?

"You can stream in 4K resolution". So f***ing what? That doesn't mean shit if said person's bandwidth can't handle that content. Not everyone has fiber optic cable internet like you Google exec's do. Get your head out of your asses.

Google Stadia, regardless of cheaper subscription fee price vs owning the game - WILL CRASH AND BURN.