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Peh said:
haxxiy said:

Third: you might get a brain hemorrage by sharing your Netflix account. But there is yet no case known of people actually getting brain hemorrages.

Why bring such an inane argument to the debate?

Besides, as a lawyer, what you just said is outright fictitious. Specially if you're not living in, you know, the US.

I am not the one going on the internet and telling others to violate their contract without mentioning the possible issues that would/could come with it.


In the end, it's up to you. I am not telling you what to do with your life, I am just making you aware of what could happen.


This forum is visited by people around the world. This isn't only about, you know, the US.


But don't mind me and my "inane" argument

Wasn't it though? As if sharing your Netflix account is such an atrocity that you'd even need to preface it with "it's your life, etcetera, etcetera". Here, take your pitchfork and get back in there! It's us or them! :(

What am I saying...