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I played Odyssey after finished RDR2, there's been a while that I can't handle properly the shift from the extraordinary experience in wild west on horse ride to those much worse horse riding, buggy facial expression, glitchy NPC behavior and weird sounding voice acting and so on in ancient Greece, it is just like nothing in Odyssey is comparable to RDR2. But Odyssey itself is not supposed to be compared with a game like RDR2, I know that, and actually when I was forced to spend hundreds of hours on the game to get the platinum trophy, I got used to it, all the shortage just became not annoying anymore, but still I can't feel the feeling I got the first time I played Origin, it was purely stunning with the new graphic style, new combat system and Egypt background which I liked a lot, presented almost perfectly in one AC game. Everything in Odyssey to me is just generic, like characters, stories, technologies, etc. A lot of people praised it for the so called RPG system, which I think is unnecessary, it doesn't help the game improve much. Recently I replayed Origin, still enjoy it and love it, but about Odyssey, I'm afraid there's no reason for me to touch it again.