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Very nice!  There is a lot going on this week.  We've got the Google reveal and now this.

Mnementh said:
Oh nice. In difference to some here I do consider Indy games and got some real good ones overtime. I like to hear more.

I agree.  I like to get some of these indie games too.  One caveat I have though is that I really like having a physical copy of the game.  In the past, I would only get a digital game if I ran out of physical games that I was interested in.  I am not having that problem on the Switch though.  Lots of physical games for me on the Switch, so there is no chance of my getting a digital game any time soon.

Instead, I am just now getting into the habit of going to Limited Run Games every couple of weeks just to see what they have.  I don't want to miss any good indie games that might have a very narrow release date for physical.