My main spending is Xbox live + Xbox Gamepass = $120
I pick up a few $100 gift card when they are on special during Xmas that last me quite a while. $300 or so. I normally don't buy a game when it release I wait for the price to drop. Wait for sales combined with Gamepass can save you alot of money. Always jump on the Gamepass deal... I current got 6 months of gamepass for only $35 CAD.

I would say I spend at least $500 CAD.

In 2018, I bought the Switch, Xbox one S & Xbox one X. I probably spent around $2500 that year. Cheap if you consider the price of one gaming computer.

I wont tell you how much I make but here is the average for CPA and I make more then the Average.
How much does a Certified Public Accountant make in Alberta?
City Average salary
Certified Public Accountant in Edmonton, AB 21 salaries $88,252 per year
Certified Public Accountant in Lethbridge, AB 8 salaries $79,065 per year
Certified Public Accountant in Medicine Hat, AB 6 salaries $86,621 per year

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA