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I looked what i have spent on gaming since January 1st and it is getting close to $900. A lot of that has gone to Limited Run where one order alone is at $180. I know that many people might look at that think that is way to much money to spend on games the first three months of the year, but i don't drink alcohol, do any of the nicotine-crap or do any drugs so i save a lot of money saved just there.

Since so many others have listed their purchases i think i should too
Limited Run Megapack $176,96
Iconoclasts Limited Run $49.99
Another World Limited Run $44.99
ToeJam and Earl Limited Run $49.99
The Escapists Limited Run $44.99
Hollow Knight Fangamer $39.57
New Super Mario Bros U $47
Tales of Vesperia $36
The Raven Remastered $32
Yesterday Origins $21
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 $35
Resident Evil 2 $46
Call of Cthulhu $30
Abzu $8
Far Cry New Dawn $52
Metro Exodus $46
Devil May Cry 5 $46
Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 $35
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 $24
Kingdom Hearts 3 $58
Drowning Well, actually free with gold coins

And coming in the next few week
Sekiro Shadows Die Twice $69
Yoshi's Woolly World $69

Last edited by melbye - on 14 March 2019

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