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I'm a little curious to know how much my fellow VGChartianz spend on gaming. Some of these questions might be too personal, so answer only if you're comfortable please.

1. How much do you typically spend on gaming each year. Recent big gaming purchases?

2. How do you fund your gaming habits (i.e., what do you do for a living), and if you're comfortable answering, how much do you make?

I don't make many topics, so I wasn't sure if this was Gaming Discussion or Off Topic.

- - -

For me, I probably spend maybe $200 per month on games, but that can fluctuate depending on game releases. So on a yearly basis, using 2018 as an estimate, my guess is $3,500 ~ $4,000. I bought a new graphics card, PSVR, PS4 Pro, several new controllers for various systems, and NES/SNES minis (just off the top of my head).

As for my profession, I am a web application developer. I was just shy of six figures on my tax return.