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fatslob-:O said:
Azzanation said:

You just keep contradicting yourself.

You just said in a post before "How does one escape Sony without buying their home console"

I answered PSNow.


Cherry pick much ?

"How does one escape Sony without buying their home console or keeping subscription to their cloud service if the customers still want their games ?"

You might want to stop bending my quotes so hard out context ... 

Azzanation said:

Now you are making excuses to why PSNow will never take off. Umm PSNow is an alternative to owning a PS platform so your previous point is invalid. No difference to MS's strategy with Xbox on PC. You have accepted the fact PSNow exists so you know you don't require a PS platform to play PS games. (If PSNow is available)

This isn't about who makes the money or weather the quality is better, its about weather or not you need the hardware to play the games. Ask Netflix. 

As much as you like to defend console gaming, Hardware doesn't make as much money as software so selling 100m+ consoles isn't as good as selling 100m+ software. The bigger the audience the better chance software can sell. That's business.


I am not making any excuses why PS Now will never take off. There's a very real serious downside to PS Now yet your refusal to acknowledge this just comes off as bitterness to the fact that your favourite platform holder will likely never be at the level of their main competitor nor will their competitor degrade themselves to that level either ... 

PS games STILL REQUIRE a PS platform and that's exactly what PS Now is which is a cloud gaming platform ... (whether the individual or the service provider owns the hardware makes no difference in this instance) 

The comparison to Netflix isn't apt either since they do not offer interactive entertainment. Games STILL NEED to run on hardware yet you can't grasp this so out of desperation you compare the medium to pure video content which only needs data to function but this is not true for games. You need hardware but you're just renting it you opt in for cloud gaming ... (cloud gaming is only as viable as the service providers infrastructure)

Console gaming is going nowhere in the near future and dedicated hardware still has a purpose in establishing a permanent customer base but PS Now numbers are nowhere near as optimistic as you suggest it'll be. PS Now made a total of $143M during Q3 of 2018 and each subscriber spent $25 per month which translates to just under 2M active subscribers per year on average. Selling >2M subscribers does not even hold a candle to selling 10M+ hardware units per year ... (bigger audience indeed the better for higher software revenue but this doesn't make competition among platform holders more equal since PS Now is already the most dominant cloud gaming service so their competitor still has to offer more compelling content) 

Weren't you just arguing a few days ago that streaming was going to make the need for Switch obsolete but now your argument is that streaming will not hurt consoles and they are here to stay?

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.