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Animal Crossing outselling Pokemon lifetime would be way less incredible than The Legend of Zelda selling as well as 3D Mario, or a Mario Party making a huge comeback, or Splatoon 2 selling 10 million lifetime, and yet all of those things are happening on Switch. And, looking at the performance of handheld Animal Crossings when compared to 3D Marios, it would be about as big as Mario selling as well lifetime as a Pokemon title ... which is looking more likely to happen by the day. And while Pokemon will get an increase, maybe even a big one, we've already seen what happens when one of the best launches ever gets squandered by an annual release schedule ... you get Sun and Moon. 

Not saying it will happen but it's way more likely than people are giving it credit for, and I'm actually surprised after so many people started to notice the Switch trend of breaking records that people are just completely neglecting the possibility. I mean, either way Pokemon has way more selling power than Animal Crossing.