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melbye said:
mjk45 said:

I tend to agree with what Sony said  E3 needs to be early in the year their take on it was from the trade side of the conference were by June  the game releases up to the end of the year have already been set and the stock orders made , that only leaves the public and press,  the press are now in the age of the nonstop 24/7 news cycle so the value of E3 has diminished in that respect compared to what it once represented and that leaves the public and they can and are being be catered for in more cost effective ways .

Hm, would E3 make sense at the end of the fiscal year in March. It actually might

 I think Sony indicated February ,but March 3 months into the new year early enough for peoples excitement about what's to come still being high, I agree with you that seems like a really good time.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 07 March 2019

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