ArchangelMadzz said:

From what I can tell from your quote they seem to go on to say how they grew to like the character despite their original reaction to a very common character canvas?


Edit: Yeah the write goes on about how much they empathised with him etc. 


People seem very quick to get outraged at any sort of mention like this, when it doesn't take much to think that he clearly meant that a white guy beardy scruffy main character has been beat to death. 


LuccaCardoso1 said:
He didn't roll his eyes because the character's male or because the character's white. He rolled his eyes because the character looks just like a ton of other protagonists out there, who just happen to be white, male and gruff. It has nothing to do with "reverse racism" or any political agenda you might be trying to imply here, but instead with the sameyness in the appearence of video game protagonists.


ArchangelMadzz said:
Kerotan said:

The initial reaction is the problem here. White males should be looked at as equals to every other type of human. As an Irish white male, my white male ancestors were treated like dirt by the British so why should I be downgraded, just because other white males from other races were dominant in the past? 

I enjoy games with white female, black female and black male leads among other races but the gender or race of the lead is not why. It's because the character created is cool or likeable. If the lead is white male their judgment will still be based on their personality not their race or gender. 

The initial reaction is not because white guys aren't seen as equals, it's becausethe character sounds boring, this is because gruffy bearded white guy with a voice like gravel has been overdone. But they made the character in days gone really interesting which was noted in the next paragraph. 


forevercloud3000 said:
Gruff White Male is just about 99% of all video game protagonist. It's not just a race thing, it's a general design thing. Must they always be unshaven and raspy voiced?! I get real tired of the low toned voices and the design aesthetic. I could not get into The Witcher after everyone hyped me up on it for this very reason. Geralt was far too template mellow raspy voiced stoic character. It is a painfully overused trope.

It is something that obviously comes from the common male fantasy to be that type Man's man.

Sometimes it just fits with the setting tho, such as Days Gone or Red Dead. Doesn't change the fact its kinda.....same-y.


snyperdud said:
So, I actually found this article to be a fairly decent read, and the author actually ended up saying he was "invested" in the character, despite his preconceived judgement.
Now, why he would needlessly highlight his prejudice against "Gruff White Male Protagonists," I have no idea.


Great Job you guys!